Chuzan Hospital is a community hospital that specializes in rehabilitation.
Our goal is to rehabilitate the aged and handicapped, making it possible for them to live safe and productive lives.


Basic Policies

  1. Provide a comfortable and caring environment for our patients.
  2. Promote a "Team" environment between our staff, local government agencies, the patient, and the patients families to ensure our health and welfare programs are the best.
  3. Continue to keep abreast of new technologies ensuring we maintain our lifelong commitment of caring for the aged and handicapped.

The right of you, a patient

  1. The right which receives the medical treatment
    which respected character
    I provide you with diagnosis and medical treatment with responsibility.
  2. Personal autonomy
    I give explanation required for your decision-making, and sufficient.
  3. The right which protects privacy
    I do consideration sufficient about your privacy.
  4. Right to know
    I offer information sufficient about your illness